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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Top 10 best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

 Nigeria online retail stores are growing in this trend because a lot of people find it easier and more convenient shopping from the comfort of their homes. There are again more choices to make, better price and more offer online. The end product of this trend is an explosion of online shopping sites in Nigeria. However, many Nigeria have decided to turn deaf ear to shopping of products online due to lack of trust, unreliability and incapability seen on the part most online shopping sites.
My friend’s sister nearly missed her wedding on 25th January 2013 because the wedding gown she had earlier order from one of this online store could not arrive as of when due.
In my quest to ameliorate online shopping problems and help people find the best online shopping sites, I did an extensive and exhaustive search on online shopping in Nigeria. I travel from one area in Nigeria to another to find out the real online shopping sites of the big guys. Moreover, my major research was done on the net.

Photo: ISIS kills respected Muslim scholar accused of Apostasy

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